Created and owned by Graham Nearn, Caterham was one of the most important Lotus Seven dealers in the 1960s. Lotus eventually decided to stop producing the Seven, so in 1973 Graham purchased directly from Lotus the rights to keep producing the almighty Seven.

The 7 is possibly the most famous kit car today and it all started because Lotus at the time wanted to help customers avoid the new car tax in the UK. Now, every petrolhead has it in their bucket list.

Caterham 620R

The most extreme of Caterhams to date, the 620R is the only exception to the rule because it is not sold as a kit car.

It is a supercharged version of the R500, which gives about 311hp on a car that weighs just over 500Kg. The result is 568bhp/tonne!

To put it in perspective, it’s up there with the Bugatti Veyron and the Pagani Huayra.

Match that with a manual gearbox and I think it’s every petrolhead’s wet dream.

Supersport R

Almost every Caterham would deserve a spot on this page, however I wanted to add this one in particular because I believe Chris manages to explain thoroughly why caterhams are so special.

Honestly, from the 300R upwards they are all worth selling your house.