Hans Rosling

The importance of this man’s work is very underrated in my opinion. Yes, he is globally known, however I still think his message hasn’t reached enough people.

Through humor, empathy and logic based on statistics he manages to disprove many preconceived notions that our societies carry from almost a century ago (if not earlier than that). From the problem of overpopulation and how to handle it, all the way to government interventions regarding child birth, the way he shows reality and how it can be handled successfully is really mind opening. I’m being vague on purpose because I really believe it would be best for everyone to hear these things directly from him, with the immediate support of the data and his immaculate way of presenting it all.

It’s a true shame he is no longer with us to share his passion and his knowledge with the world, but I hope his work will never be forgotten and I know for sure that he will always live on in my life. R.I.P.

The best stats you've ever seen

Here is one of the many occasions in which Mr. Rosling managed to teach his audience really important statistics while making them laugh and enjoy every minute of the presentation. Since this is one his first talks “on the world stage” he introduces the situations that brought him to the creation of the Gap Minder Foundation and the goal that he tried to achieve with it.
As he puts it, you probably are less aware of how the world looks today than a chimpanzee =P
So have a listen to this talk and I hope it will lead you to look him up and read more into this updated way to see the world.